Millions of working men and women throughout the world are protecting themselves from injury caused by slips and falls in the work place by wearing internationally branded ChefTrapps Slip Resistant Footwear. Known as The Slip Resistant and Safety Shoe Company, ChefTrapps specialises in research and development, footwear design, manufacture and importing of industry related footwear. Hospitality is prone to slippery floor surfaces caused by water, soap and oil. Slips and falls can cause a variety of minor and in some cases serious injuries. The best form of protection against slips and falls under such conditions is the use of ChefTrapps approved and accredited Slip Resistant Shoes.

Slip Resistant & Safety Footwear in South Africa

Chefs and Culinary

ChefTrapps has its origins in manufacturing specially designed shoes for chefs, waiters and other kitchen staff for restaurants, and has been providing slip resistant and steel toe safety shoes for over a decade now.

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Hotels and Hospitality

ChefTrapps have provided safety work shoes for the hotel and hospitality industry since 2005, and are specialists in slip resistant and steel toe shoes work shoes which are as trendy as they are safe. View our full range here.

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Management and Front of House

Appearance is an important factor for positions of management and front of house. ChefTrapps will ensure that your team looks as professional as possible.

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Factory Workers

Our range of slip resistant and steel toe safety shoes are essential for all industrial factory workers in proving them with the proper safety measures in slippery and dangerous work environments.

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Security Guards

ChefTrapps provides slip resistant and steel toe safety footwear specially designed for men and women who operate in the security industry. View our full range here, and get in touch with us to find out more.

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Construction and Building

The building site is a particularly dangerous working environment, which makes high-quality steel toe and slip resistant safety footwear essential. You can view our range of suitable safety footwear for construction sites here.

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The Absolute Best Quality

ChefTrapps provides a range of the most reliable and high-quality footwear on the market. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Delivery Direct To Your Doorstep

We deliver nationally throughout South Africa without breaking your bank. Our delivery times and fees vary, so let us know where you are.

Most Affordable Solution In South Africa

ChefTrapps is proud to provide footwear at affordable costs, allowing businesses of all kind to benefit from our products.

Improve Your Team's Efficiency

Wearing tested and approved footwear is a key ingredient to improving your team’s efficiency and preventing unnecessary injuries.

Slip Resistant & Steel Toe Footwear

We provide a succint range of slip resistant & steel toe footwear which we can deliver to any location of your choosing. Feel free to browse our safety footwear products, and get in touch with us for a quote.

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