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Hospitality is prone to slippery floor surfaces caused by water, soap and oil. Slips and falls can cause a variety of minor and in some cases serious injuries. The best form of protection against slips and falls under such conditions is the use of Cheftrapps approved and accredited Slip Resistant Shoes.

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Outdoors we are exposed to elements and dangers foreign to indoors. Dangers include getting a twisted ankle due to lack of ankle support, falling on slippery rocks and surfaces and sore and tired feet which leads to lethargy and can hasten the onset of dehydration.

ChefTrapps Outdoor Safety Footwear guards against these dangers and more by having features such as ankle support collars, support for achilles heel, slip resistant outsoles, padded innersoles and superior leather for comfort and durability. ChefTrapps has proved itself as one of the brands of choice when looking for excellent quality, stylish, durable, genuine outdoor shoes.

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Nurses & Hospitals

While these styles are not limited to hospitals and clinics, they have a wide appeal to nurses and hospital staff as they are extremely comfortable and help staff to work to work those 12 hour and longer shifts without the added problems for burning feet or an aching lower back.

The recommended styles are made of a soft leather and have a leather lining and innersole with arch support.

The winners in this category are: the push in Sports Clog with its innovative swivel blackstrap for support and fashion, the Closed back European Clog, the twin gusset Chelsea Shoe on 30 mm wedge heel, the Comfort Court on a 30 mm wedge heel, the Comfort court featuring a 35 mm stacked heel. Also popular is the Bistro and New Classic Trainers.

All of these styles have the unique ChefTrapps Slip Resistant Rubber Outsole which gives comfort and reduces slips and falls.

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ChefTrapps has an extensive range of Steel Toe Shoes and Boots with or without a steel midsole. (A steel shank is not the same as as steel midsole. The former gives the shoe structure and the latter gives the wearer of the shoe protection to the underside of his foot which will protect against standing on sharp objects.)

Our Steel Toe / Steel Midsole shoes and boots are ISO SANS 20345 and SABS approved.

ChefTrapps has all the basic styles as well as the more fashionable styles for management and executives. The top end styles are Good Year Welted, the leather is a full grain waxy pull up leather and extremely comfortable.

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Safety & Security

Security companies have high operating costs and staff must present as being smart and professional. Although budget conscious, they need shoes which look good, last long, comfortable and extremely durable.

Cheftrapps shoes are inexpensive, extremly durable and used by security companies around the country. ChefTrapps Basic Pebble Grain Steel Toe Shoe with a Steel Midsole (styles 55205 01 and 55212 01) have become legendary within the security industry.

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Legal Legislation
Recent legislation states that employers are obliged to ensure the safety of their employees at work and if necessary, and to supply them with appropriate footwear and clothing as may be necessary to reduce such risks to which they are exposed.

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Very durable shoe. I wear them 9 hrs a day, 5 days a week and last for about a year each pair. I'm sure if one were to calculate the amount of hours I stand, walk, run, sprint in these shoes - they are well worth EVERY cent!! I don't think any other clothing item I own has ever been worn this much and lasted this long! Great shoes!!

Gina Rebok
Cape Grace Hotel