Introducing ChefTrapps' premium steel-toe safety boot made with the highest quality full grain barton leather, strong traction for improved slip resistance and a wide fit for added comfort. Delivery across South Africa.
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Working from a small garage in Southern California in 2001, ChefTrapps®, the Slip Resistant and Safety Shoe Company was founded by Gary Trappler.
Born and also married into a three generations of family footwear companies and also a qualified lawyer, Gary Trappler was commissioned by a large US company to design and manufacture slip resistant footwear which would stand the test of scrutiny in United States courts for damages claims by employees who slipped and fell and injured themselves in the workplace.
After 18 months of research and laboratory testing, a final prototype was developed and samples were given to hospitality staff in Los Angeles and Las Vegas to test in the toughest and most slippery work environments.
The outcome was successful and ChefTrapps® started supplying US hospitality companies with their footwear requirements.
After relocating with his family back to South Africa in 2004 the product became of instant interest and very soon, all major food franchise stores made ChefTrapps® Slip Resistant Footwear compulsory wok wear.
The product then found favour amongst a variety of industries in particular the security industry where security guards found the traction provided by ChefTrapps® Slip Resistant Footwear useful when it came to pursuing suspects.
It found favour in all other industries particularly those which had floor surfaces that tended to be wet and slippery.

ChefTrapps® then found its footing with newly developed footwear which were found to be appropriate in the agricultural industry such as wine farms and generally with workers who toil the soil.
With the development of our steel toe range, ChefTrapps® Slip Resistant and Safety Footwear became popular across all sectors of industry.
We now proud ourselves in being the leading and foremost importer and supplier of Slip Resistant and Safety footwear.
Our success was predicated upon the principle of providing the consumer with a product which was precisely suitable for his work needs, in whatever industry.
All our products have been internationally approved and certified and also comply with the standards required by the South African National Standards board.
We also own the international footwear brand Shoes for Crews® which is manufactured under license and distributed worldwide under the brand Shoes for Crews®.
So too are we authorised distributors of certain selected styles of safety footwear manufactured under license in the name of DOT or Rebel footwear.
So, avoid slips and falls in the workplace and join the millions of workers worldwide who protect themselves from injuries in the workplace; and work in the comfort of knowing that your safety is our priority.


We provide a succint range of slip resisitant and steel toe footwear which we can deliver to any location of your choosing.



Keeping South Africa safe

ChefTrapps Slip Resistant footwear and Shoes for Crews aim to provide the best available safety shoe for all work environments. Thus, whether your employees are exposed to high voltage electricity, electrical sparks, extremely hot floor surfaces, wet and slippery floor surfaces, the hazards of building site, factories or canteens – ChefTrapps Slip Resistant and Safety footwear either has the right style on hand or we’ll get it for you. We give personalized service as well as an online store making your financial dealings with us easy and convenient. ChefTrapps distributes nationwide using the most competitive courier companies and we distribute our products at the actual cost to us of courier charges meaning, we do not add any profit margin for the cost of couriering our product. You pay the exact amount as we pay to our couriers.
Naturally, there are many suppliers who have copied our products so make sure when researching your staff footwear needs that you purchase from ChefTrapps, the Slip Resistant and Safety Shoe company.